15,000 signatures!

Decriminalize healing plant medicines and fungi in Canada

Our petition's first go is now over! We gathered close to 15,000 signatures and the petition will now be read in the House of Commons this fall. Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for a NEW petition as we won't stop this campaign until our voices have been heard in Ottawa and across Canada.

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War on drugs webinar
Upcoming webinar - August 14th @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Overcoming problematic substance use with ibogaine - Part 1

Join us for an intimate conversation between Trevor Millar, an ibogaine provider who has treated approximately 250 people with this powerfully anti-addictive plant medicine, and three people who have benefited from this treatment for their opiods addiction. Each of these men have very diverse backgrounds, yet all share the commonality of having been dependant on opioids and having found freedom through plant medicine and its highly potent capacity for healing.

Come join us in community and connect with others from across the country who are curious about plant medicines or have benefited from their therapeutic use. Chat with others and ask questions to our panel about ibogaine, problematic substance use treatments, or the CPA.

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War on drugs webinar

Get more information on psychedelics and the community

Curious about psychedelics and their potential for therapeutic and health benefits? Want to get plugged into the movement locally? Visit our Resources centre for books we recommend, films to watch, a global ecosystem map, training programs, and ongoing clinical trials.

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A community united

A membership based organization, the CPA aims to foster community conversation and collaboration for individuals interested in psychedelics and their promise across Canada. The CPA will bring the brightest and best in this field together to work through some of the unique challenges these substances face as they gain the mainstream acceptance and use they deserve.

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