Wednesday, September 22th 2021 at 4 pm PDT | 7 pm EDT on Zoom

First Responders and PTSD

First responders are there on the worst days or moments of our lives; they are there when we need them most. But, when our worst day becomes a first responder's worst and darkest moment over and over again, who is there for them? These experiences may unconsciously become a first responder's occupation stress injury or PTSD.

Join Dr. Pam Kryskow and 4 first responders: Mia, Carl, Scott and Amy as they discuss how psychedelics initiated and accelerated their road to recovery from the deep-seated occupational stress injury of PTSD.

Join us live on Wednesday, September 22 2021 at 4pm PST and participate in the conversation!

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Interactive Town Hall
Wednesday, September 29th 2021 at 4 pm PDT | 7 pm EDT on Zoom

Investments in the Psychedelic Industry

Join Sonia Stringer, Pam Kryskow and special guest Brom Rector to learn how to analyze psychedelics companies from an impact, ethical and financial perspective.

We will discuss:

  • An overview of investment and business opportunities in psychedelics
  • How to evaluate if a company is a good investment (or not)
  • How to critically evaluate if their medical and patent claims are realistic
  • How to critically evaluate if they are improving the world in the spirit of these medicines
  • How the best business models in psychedelics are also the most ethical
  • What "the next wave" of psychedelic companies will look like
  • Resources to assist you in your psychedelic investing journey
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Interactive Town Hall
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Canada overwhelmingly supports access to new regulations with polling numbers showcasing the need for change including, 78% of Canadians polled support or somewhat support a government that legalized psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients.

The Canadian Psychedelic Association and other experts from across Canada have been meeting with Members of Parliament, senior government officials, representatives from all parties, and national stakeholders over the past 10 months and encountered unanimous support for access to psilocybin therapy with a palliative diagnosis.

With public support at an all-time high, we are focusing on introducing evidence-informed regulations to officials at Health Canada. We come together with a group of key experts including palliative care professionals, therapists, MDs, non-profit supports, industry, medical and legal experts to communicate, petition, and deliver a regulatory framework that will transform the lives of Canadians who deserve access to medicine that can help them overcome their most debilitating mental anxieties.

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