Access to Psychedelics for All Canadians

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Access to Psychedelics for All Canadians

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Why we exist

To awaken a revolution of wellbeing

Our Mission

To educate and achieve access to all psychedelics as a basic human right

Our Vision

People living in harmony with each other and nature

Our Values

Love, Courage, Communication,
Integrity, Impact, Sustainability

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"That psychedelics have been time tested for thousands of years, and being revered across cultures and continents, speaks to their deep history of beneficial influence. Modern science is now validating what our ancestors knew: psychedelics are essential for mental and spiritual well being."

- Paul Stamets
"Psychedelic plants, fungi and compounds are tools for learning; they place in our hands the keys to learn how to become better humans."

- Dennis McKenna

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The PAC Business Alliance serves the business in Canada’s psychedelic space. Think of it as the psychedelic chamber of commerce. Contribute to the PAC advocacy regarding legalization of medical psychedelics. Participate in business-focused webinars, networking events, roundtables and research incubators. Network and communicate with the PAC nationwide psychedelic community.

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Events & Webinars

If you haven't signed up for a membership with us, now is the time. When you sign up for our membership or to one of our webinars, you are directly supporting our mission to educate about and advocate for psychedelic medicines.

Furthermore, your membership fees help us directly fund our advocacy campaign "Canada Supports" plus you get the benefit of connecting with others within our community and access to our networking events and webinars.

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Interactive Town Hall
July 11, 2024

at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST on Zoom

Building the Future: Saving the Past

The Mazatec tradition and historical use of plant & fungal medicines is integral to the international renaissance of interest in psychedelic medicines. The knowledge of Mazatec wisdom keepers and healers along with cultural aspects of life in the Oaxacan region are being preserved for future generations by dedicated volunteers in the Historias Mazatecas Archive.

To prevent this archive from being lost to weathering and age, Vuelta Sur and Fungi Foundation are collaborating on fundraising efforts to secure the funds to construct a museum to safely house these cultural artifacts, and rich heritage of the Mazatec people.

Join the PAC as we have the unique opportunity to discuss these fundraising efforts with Giuliana Furci of Fungi Foundation and Inti Garcia Flores, whose life work is the preservation of the Mazatecas Archive.

Learn why this preservation effort is so important to the worldwide psychedelic community and how you can help in the preservation effort.

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Interactive Town Hall
June 20, 2024

at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST on Zoom

World Psychedelics Day Celebration

Celebrate World Psychedelics Day with the Psychedelic Association of Canada. Join PAC Staff and Board Members, along with Special Guests to chat about the psychedelic renaissance as the community unites to celebrate this international event.

In this interactive event your questions about PAC’s work towards legalization, membership, benefits, retreat spaces, legal aspects and the ethnobotanical aspects of psychedelic medicine will be answered.

If you’re a proud psychonaut and curious about the current psychedelic landscape, this is the place to be.

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Interactive Town Hall
May 14, 2024

at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST on Zoom

PAC Book Club: The Bigger Picture (Author Alexander Biener in attendance)

Can psychedelic drugs help us tackle the biggest problems we face globally? Can they heal the cultural, spiritual, and political wounds we’re wrestling with?

Psychedelics have hit the mainstream as powerful new mental health treatments. But as clinicians explore what these molecules can do for our individual minds, The Bigger Picture goes further to illuminate how psychedelics can help us find new ways to make sense of and come through the crises we face around the world.

Drawing on the latest research, as well as his unique experience as a participant in a ground-breaking clinical trial investigating the potent psychedelic DMT, Alexander Beiner reveals:

  • the role of psychedelics in addressing global issues such as global warming, geopolitical instability, and political polarization
  • the dark side of the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ and ‘psychedelic capitalism’
  • what it takes to elicit huge personal and cultural transformation through psychedelics

Embark on a journey into The Bigger Picture – a new era of science and spirituality with the potential to radically transform our perceptions of ourselves, one another, and our life on this planet.

NB: This is a PAC Members' Only Event. To attend please head to our Membership page & join the PAC today.

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Petition to the Government of Canada

Compassionate Access to Psilocybin

78% of Canadians support access to psilocybin therapy at the end of life. (Nanos Poll 2020)

If a Canadian can qualify for MAID (medical assistance in dying) then surely they should have the right to have psilocybin therapy first.

Help us get 500 000 signatures on this Federal Petition.
Making it the MOST successful petition ever.

We only have 30 days to get the signatures required to have it read in Parliament.

Donations to our Compassionate Access Campaign will help us bring changes to out of date regulations, which permit terminally ill and mental health patients to access Medical Assistance in Dying, yet they cannot have access to psilocybin. This game-changing petition is one of many parts. Our goal is to raise $100,000 through donations and sponsorships to support the changing of hearts and the educating of minds in government and leadership, through July 2023.

As a non-profit organization, we can’t do this alone - we need your help. With your investment in this vital campaign, you become a core member of the psychedelic movement in Canada and you help patients in need get the treatments they deserve. By sponsoring this campaign you can play a key role in fundamentally shifting the psychedelic and healthcare landscape in Canada.

LSd Medicine

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