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Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 at 7pm EST/4pm PST

Rocket ship from rock bottom

Join hosts and CPA board members Jazmin Pirozek and Trevor Millar as they deep-dive into the transformation that’s possible once someone hits their rock-bottom. *Rocket ship from rock bottom* is a new CPA web series that highlights stories of ordinary Canadians who have used plant medicines and other transformational techniques to turn their lives around when everything seemed lost.

This week we’ll hear from two Canadian men as they share their stories of rock-bottom and the radical change that came afterward. Meet Steve Sobczak from Winnipeg and Allen Pencoff from Kenora in this inaugural episode of *Rocket ship from rock bottom*.

Join us March 17th, 2021 at 7pm EST/4pm PST for the first episode.

Have your own rocket ship from a rock-bottom story which involves a plant medicine or psychedelic substance that you’d like to share with the world? Email us at, with subject: "Rocket ship” to share your story, and maybe we’ll feature you on an upcoming episode. Thanks!

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War on drugs webinarultivation
Saturday, March 27th at 11am PST/12 noon MST/2pm EST/8pm CET

PSYCHEDELIA Virtual Screening Event

Join us for the Virtual Canadian Premiere of the award-winning documentary, PSYCHEDELIA: The History and Science of Mystical Experience.

Through rare archival footage, leading experts in the field, and touching first-person accounts from the NYU Psilocybin Study, the film takes viewers on a journey through the origins and resurgence of psychedelic research and explores the profound changes these compounds create in both the individual and culture at large.

The screening will be followed by a virtual Q&A discussion with Paul Stamets, Dr Pamela Kryskow, and the film's creator, Pat Murphy.

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War on drugs webinarultivation

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15,000 signatures!

Decriminalize healing plant medicines and fungi in Canada

Our petition's first go is now over! We gathered close to 15,000 signatures and the petition has been read in the House of Commons this fall. Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for a NEW petition as we won't stop this campaign until our voices have been heard in Ottawa and across Canada.

Thank you to Chris Bennett, Paul Manly, Kirk Tousaw, Rob Laurie, Jovian Francey, Trevor Millar, and others who started this petition process!


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A membership based organization, the CPA aims to foster community conversation and collaboration for individuals interested in psychedelics and their promise across Canada. The CPA will bring the brightest and best in this field together to work through some of the unique challenges these substances face as they gain the mainstream acceptance and use they deserve.

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