The PAC Ethics Working Group has been working with experts across Canada to help create documents to help guide strong ethical behavior across all activities in the psychedelic ecosystem.

The first of these documents are presented here for your feedback. We welcome all respectful comments on how to make this document the best it can be.

Documents that are in process include :

  • Best Practices for Psychedelic Therapists
  • How to Report Ethical Breaches?
  • What Does Reparation Look Like? i.e Restorative Justice
  • How to Support the Survivors?
  • How to Be Part of an Ethical Therapist Peer Supervision/Accountability Group?

If you would like to volunteer to contribute to these documents or be an editor please email:

Additional resources from our Allies are listed here: 

The Psychedelic Association of Canada would like to thank the following people for volunteering their time on the Ethics Working Group:

Lorraine Percy
Tricia Bowler, MA
Dr. Pamela Kryskow, MD
Scott Kouri
Bradley Foster MA
Dr. Brendan Leier, PhD
Michael Oliver
Michelle Gagnon, RN

Tricia Bowler, MA
Derek Endress
Bruce Tobin PhD

Your assistance is welcome

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