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The main focus of the PAC is to makes psychedelic medicines accessible to all Canadians.

Since 2019 we have been connecting Canada’s Psychedelic Community from Coast to Coast to help us achieve that goal. We are the ultimate network bringing together:

MD's, nurses, harm reduction experts, therapists, healthcare and mental health professionals, training programs, coaches and practitioners from Indigenous cultures and celebrated pioneers who've been using psychedelics for decades and are willing to share their invaluable wisdom with others.

Experts who work with other NGOs to educate  our provincial and federal governments how to responsibly and equitably open up access.

Companies, organizations, training programs and retreat centres serving this space.

As well as "the general community" who are curious about psychedelics and the benefits they can provide to themselves, friends or their family members, creating a space for reliable resources, networking and change for the better.

Help us awaken a revolution of wellbeing.

Membership benefits

Join other pioneers in the psychedelic community

Join our amazing community with its own app that allows you to create relationships with people from across the psychedelic community with, literally, the push of a button.

Access our exclusive leading edge curated resources

We have hours of existing content waiting for you, plus more coming every month. Access 24/7 and watch at your convenience.

Support access to psychedelic medicines for all Canadians

When you become an official member of the PAC, your dues fund efforts to educate and advocate for psychedelic medicines in Canada.

Access to training opportunities

We are partnering with many companies and suppliers supporting this space, so you'll be the first to know about industry-specific opportunities and receive special member-only discounts on events or services wherever possible.

Free access to events that
broaden your mind

Attend webinars each month on a variety of topics - including the latest on scientific research, de-criminalization and policy reform, success stories and best practices of medical and mental health experts, as well as learn invaluable wisdom from psychedelic pioneers and indigenous practitioners with decades of experience.

Meet global leaders and experts

Get "up close and personal" in our intimate (virtual) town-hall meetings where you'll interact with subject matter experts, policy makers, suppliers, health care and medical professionals and others involved in this work.

How your membership makes a difference

The Psychedelic Association of Canada grew from a diverse group of individuals all wanting to do their part to usher psychedelics into the mainstream in a conscious and considered way. Our founding team includes people who have been active in Canada’s vibrant psychedelic community for decades, as well as medical and therapeutic professionals who are newer to the scene, but through their own experiences and research are waking up to the value of these powerful modalities.

In 2019, we became a Canadian not-for-profit organization. Since then, we have been joined by hundreds and hundreds of members across the country. The professional psychedelic community is well connected in Canada. We respect the incredible healing potential of these sacred substances, and are nurture a thriving community of people all dedicated to realizing the full potential of humanity.

Join us on our private and exclusive online platform designed exclusively for the official members of the Psychedelic Association of Canada.  

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